Part Five

In a remote and sparse village in Sudan, Samson Simone, one of Africa’s most feared Warlords, continues his charge to build up his army of boy soldiers in the most sickening manner.

In Washington DC there is panic. Not for the humanitarian crisis that Simone is creating, but because the money men are concerned and putting pressure on those in the highest realms of The Senate to remove Simone from power.

There is only one problem. The CIA put Simone in power in the first place and now his loyalty is to the Russian government.

Against the advice of all of those close to him, Ryan Ward goes into the deepest parts of Africa, and steps straight into a living hell that is way beyond anything he could imagine.

Ward confronts an army that begins with boy soldiers in Sudan and escalates to confronting the Russian SVR and mafia on the streets of New York.

Warlord brings to life the true horrors of life in Africa and the contempt that the politicians and wealthy have for the innocent victims who live there.

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