Part Two

Andrea Yeschenko is the most vile sex trafficker imaginable. He deals in children. Not content with running an operation that makes millions of dollars, he embarks on a trail of blackmail against his powerful clients. He believes that he is untouchable and has the friends to justify that belief.

As always, Ryan Ward takes it personally, teaming up with Mike Lawson and Martin McDermott and his team of mercenaries, they hunt for the evidence that Yeschenko holds and shut down his operation, piece by piece, dealing with anyone who gets in their way with a brutality that strikes fear into all who come into contact with them.

A search that begins in California ends up in Washington, where the full extent of the political impact of the evidence escaping is unraveled.

When the realisation that the clandestine services have managed to infiltrate Ward’s close knit team hits home, he begins to question the world that he moves in.

Traffic raises the issue of this vile trade and the corruption that is rife on Capitol Hill, as he moves in real time  to deal with one of the biggest problems that plague the Western world.

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