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I was highly recommended your book The Newsmaker and actually fell in love with it! I really got the sense of the characters and their emotional ties to life, own values and Job. I think being in social worker struck a cord with me, especially around the layers of political influences and swayed publicised facts.

I loved the book and can’t wait to explore more of your work. I like the character relationships too, they are very relate-able.

Just wanted to say, I takes a lot for me to read fiction books and I really enjoyed every moment. Looking forward to reading more.

– Fern

I just had to email you right after leaving a review on Amazon for ‘ The Newsmaker’

What an amazing book to read. I was interested in everything from start to finish…within 2 days I had it complete. You have an amazing talent at capturing the readers attention with each description of character and setting.

I now have my own little fairy tale of finding my ‘Ryan Ward’ with me being his ‘Eloisa’.

Any hints on the next books?

Again, thank you!!!

– CH

I read this book in one go. Has to be the best book I’ve read and I’ve read a lot. Will be impatiently waiting for the next.

– Laura

‘The Newsmaker’ was recommended to me by a stranger. We have become friends, because of our interest in your book.

I have never read something where the action never stopped. There was never a dull moment and I cannot wait for the next one.

The way Ward felt about Gilligan and his boys when he was dying brought me to tears. I am someone who has had the misfortune of watching others die (though not from guns or violence). So I know how it feels and you captured it well!
If you wanted someone to read a preview of the next one, I’d be more than willing 😉

Good luck with your future books, I will keep an eye out for them.

Thank you for writing it.

– M

The Newsmaker is absolutely fantastic… far and away the best book I have read. What is on my mind though is: Did Gilligan survive?

– Leanna

Hi Tom, I just have to say congratulations. A friend of mine recommended your book to me and within 2 days I’ve finished it. You are an extremely talented writer and I can’t wait to read the rest of the stories. You have a huge writing career ahead of you. When is it the next book is being released? Congrats again, you should definitely be celebrating this success and its only the beginning.

– Sam

Hello, I just wanted to send you a message to say I absolutely loved The Newsmaker, it was brilliant! I was gripped from start to finish, great characters and action packed. Thank you for such a great read! I look forward to reading part 2 when it’s out.

– Louise

The Newsmaker is a wonderfully entertaining read. The reader is left breathless due to the story careering from one “explosive” scene to another at a frantic break-neck pace which never lets up. It’s a taut, tense thriller which works on a myriad of levels not just as a rattling good read but also in terms of the questions it raises about news as a commodity in our modern world and what corporations or powerful individuals are willing to do in order to harness its power. This is all played out in a classic battle of wits between Ryan Ward and Asif Fulken with the suspense at times almost unbearable…which is a good thing! Best £1.99 I’ve ever spent on Kindle without doubt! More please Tom Field

– Michael R

I don’t do fiction, or at least I didn’t!
I’ve always had trouble maintaining interest in characters that I find so unbelievable, The Bible for instance!
But then I do like a recommendation, and as I was made aware of this I thought I’d give it a go, and I’m so glad I did. Tom Field introduces us to a host of lively, if not psychotic characters, Not least the hero of the piece Ryan Ward, I’m only glad he’s on our side! You wouldn’t want to upset him!
The books theme of undercover agents and double agents is very well researched and I bought right into the main protagonists very early doors! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and look forward to further adventures especially as Mr Ward has some unfinished business that I need to see completed almost as much as he does I think!
Now then, I wonder who will play Ward in the film?


Hi, Just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed the book! The complex characters and topical storyline had me hooked instantly and I finished the book within two days! Something about the narration rang true to our current climate and the on going war with terrorism. I would love to think there were saviours like Ryan Ward out there somewhere. I’ve reviewed the book on amazon – my first review ever by the way. But, I was wondering if you could help me out with an argument Im in the midst of. Is gilligan still alive? I know a reply is doubtful but thank you the wonderful read.

– Phillippa