Every time there is a mass shooting in The States, the usual arguments about gun control are raised. Yet these arguments fade and die after a few weeks. Presidents preside over a Senate that is loath to change anything.

Have you ever wondered why?

Is it simply because the second amendment of the United States Constitution is that the right of Americans to bear arms is something that shouldn’t be challenged? Yet the twenty first amendment which ended prohibition was repealed.

So is there something more sinister at play?

A sixteen year old kid walks into his school and commits an atrocity. The victims, mainly classmates, dead simply because they went to school to learn. The same statements are once again rolled out by his peers or people who knew the perpetrator, ‘He was always odd,’ or ‘We always thought he would do something like this,’ and so on. But no one has ever really understood why these events happened.

Until now.

Ryan Ward embarks on a mission to discover the truth and when he finds it, he unearths a secret that has remained hidden for over a century, and the full effect this secret has had on America’s history is revealed, and the corruption that is in place to keep the secret hidden.

For the first time ever, Gun offers the real reason why mass shootings happen across America, and why the powers that be don’t want them to stop.



Countries are invaded, wars are instigated, and dictators are overthrown by the West throughout the oil rich regions of the world, and yet the atrocities that are carried out on the African continent are largely ignored. Worse still, the dictators in some of these African countries, more frequently referred to as ‘Warlord’s’, are carrying out murder and genocide of their own people on a grand scale.

It’s one of the great unspoken injustices in the world.

So why are they left to their own devices?

Like the majority of hidden reasons in the world, it comes down to greed and money.

Warlord takes Ryan Ward into a web of deceit and corruption that is taking place on a global scale, and all to the detriment of the people living in desolation and poverty throughout Africa.

When he discovers who is really supporting one of the most notorious Warlords in Africa, he brings the fight back to where it belongs.

Is he right to do that, or is it not our concern?



Nothing is more important than protecting the people that are close to us.

Most of us understand that dialogue and effective communication are the best tools to resolve the majority of issues that we are faced with on a day to day basis with people.

But there are some people that you can’t reason with. There is more and more dissatisfaction with our world leaders, due to the liberal values and excessive political correctness that they have decided is the most effective way to make the world a safer place, and yet they have failed miserably. More and more regions are at war, there is religious unrest which is starting to affect more and more innocent people, and there is a growing perception that our tolerance is actually a sign of our weakness not strength. It’s easy to preach these values when you are not directly affected by incidents, but more and more people are starting to think it doesn’t work.

Ryan Ward understands that there is only one way to deal with those people you can’t reason with.

When Centrepoint is almost killed by a former operative, Ward takes the fight to those responsible, with a determination that he has never showed before.

With no intention to reason with them, simply to eliminate them.

Then a single revelation changes everything.



One of the hardest things to establish in life is the people we aspire to become.

Everyone needs someone to look up to. It can help us to set goals, learn from and use as a guide for how we want to live our lives.

But do we really know anyone?

Do you know your best friends or colleagues at work as well as you think you do.

One of the great strengths of a human being is self-preservation. What would you do if you had a straight forward choice between your survival or that of a close friend or colleague? If you answer honestly, you would chose yourself.

But there is one exception to this general rule. Family.

Give any parent the choice between their survival or that of their children, the decision to sacrifice themselves would be made without hesitation or thought. It’s how it is.

Ryan Ward is not a father, but he is part of a family that he is created and Centrepoint has always been the father figure to his family.

In a story that takes place on the streets of Washington D.C. Ward has to make choices that no man should ever have to make with his family.

Volume one reaches its climax in devastating fashion and leaves him with a choice.

Self-sacrifice or self-preservation.

What would you do?

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