Part Three

Pablo Cardona is on the verge of unlocking the secret that will make him the richest drug baron in the world. but he needs help to solve a problem. And so he takes the help that he needs, and people go missing.

In Washington DC, the mystical Centrepoint needs his best man on this – and quickly. Failure to stop Cardona will lead to social breakdown in The States and it is imperative that the narcotic is stopped from ever being produced.

Ryan Ward is a ghost. And as always, Ward takes it personally. With Lawson and McDermott by his side they search for the missing people. Throughout the hunt, Ward is once again constantly protected by the world’s most elusive and dangerous sniper, The elusive Optician.

As Ward closes in on Cardona, a revelation that a name from the past is involved comes back to haunt him, and when he finally comes face to face with the past, Ward discovers that he is not as invincible as he thought he was.

Invincible faces up to the reality of the drug trade, and the corruption that is rife throughout government agencies, the greed associated with it and the misery that narcotics invariably cause.

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