Part Four

Yet another mass shooting is carried out in a school in Missouri that rocks America to its core. The assailant, a sixteen year old boy, takes his own life.

The events are orchestrated by a mysterious committee that has been in existence for generations.

Ryan Ward is joined by Mike Lawson and The Optician once again, and in their hunt for the people behind the shootings, they encounter corruption, greed and the full force of the Klu Klux Klan.

With the help of Nicole-Louise and Tackler, Ward puts everything together, piece by piece, and discovers that the people who have been carrying out these shootings for decades have not done so alone. During the hunt for those responsible, Tackler has to deal with his own demons from his past.

In an emotional journey, Ward gains an insight into the minds of the assailants who commit these crimes, and finally understands why these events so frequently occur.

Gun raises the issue of the availability of weapons and the corruption that is rife throughout the Senate, as Ryan Ward moves in real time and continues his mission to deal with the social problems that plague our world and to bring down the establishment who control it.

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