The Author

Tom FieldAs an avid reader and political observer, Tom believed that there were a number of taboo subjects that the crime genre had yet to delve deep into, and so he brought Ryan Ward to life to address these. Tom has spent his working life in management positions where he has been fascinated by the psyche of individuals and the views that they hold.

And what of the main characters in the series of books?

Ryan WardThe most intelligent and brutal assassin that the UK & US governments possess. Oxford educated, and recruited by MI5 after an incident at university that highlighted his extreme violence and sense of calm. Manipulated by the security services into becoming an assassin, Ward joined an elite and unofficial team of operatives working for both governments called The Deniables. Anonymity was given and his past erased. Ward is the decision maker in a murky world where rules don’t exist and right and wrong is what he decides it to be.

Centrepoint, is the head of The Deniables. The direct line to the government’s requests, and Ward’s mentor and father figure. Affectionately known as ‘The Old Man’.

The Optician, Ward’s closest friend and the deadliest, most elusive sniper in the world. Such is his legend, the very mention of his name strikes fear into the heart of even the most cold blooded killers.

Eloisa Hammond, the woman that Ward loves and believes in. She knows his darkest secrets, and uses Ward’s skills to protect the vulnerable and deal with the issues that the authorities choose to ignore.

Nicole-Louise & Tackler are Ward’s tech experts. They are the former hackers who were recruited by Centrepoint to work for the Deniables after hacking into government systems. They are his most valued people in the team.

Mike Lawson – Former SAS and MI5 operative. Lawson is the person that Ward trusts more than anyone out in the field. He also happens to be one of the most handsome men alive, a gift that Lawson uses to his advantage without hesitation.

Martin McDermott – The head of Ward’s own private army. A mercenary who heads a team of ex-Navy Seals and Ward’s confidant. McDermott’s team comprises of his son Paul, Wired, Fringe, Fuller, Walsh and Wallace.

Sean Gilligan, CIA operative and Ward’s go to guy in The States. If it’s happening on the street, Gilligan knows about it.