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Every time there is a mass shooting in The States, the usual arguments about gun control are raised. Yet these arguments fade and die after a few weeks. Presidents preside over a Senate that is loath to change anything. Have you ever wondered why? Is it simply because the second amendment of the United States…


Countries are invaded, wars are instigated, and dictators are overthrown by the West throughout the oil rich regions of the world, and yet the atrocities that are carried out on the African continent are largely ignored. Worse still, the dictators in some of these African countries, more frequently referred to as ‘Warlord’s’, are carrying out…


Nothing is more important than protecting the people that are close to us. Most of us understand that dialogue and effective communication are the best tools to resolve the majority of issues that we are faced with on a day to day basis with people. But there are some people that you can’t reason with.…


One of the hardest things to establish in life is the people we aspire to become. Everyone needs someone to look up to. It can help us to set goals, learn from and use as a guide for how we want to live our lives. But do we really know anyone? Do you know your…

The Newsmaker – Click Here to Download !

Ryan Ward knew that something was very, very wrong the moment he saw the carnage unfolding on the Paris Metro. Things were just too perfect.

The first installment of the Ryan Ward series, The Newsmaker, introduces a world of deceit, where power is everything.

When two devastating explosions rip through Paris and London, the hunt is on to stop a lone terrorist from unleashing hell on American soil.

But it soon becomes clear that the destruction is not the work of a religiously motivated terrorist… And only Ward can stop New York from suffering once again.