Countries are invaded, wars are instigated, and dictators are overthrown by the West throughout the oil rich regions of the world, and yet the atrocities that are carried out on the African continent are largely ignored. Worse still, the dictators in some of these African countries, more frequently referred to as ‘Warlord’s’, are carrying out murder and genocide of their own people on a grand scale.

It’s one of the great unspoken injustices in the world.

So why are they left to their own devices?

Like the majority of hidden reasons in the world, it comes down to greed and money.

Warlord takes Ryan Ward into a web of deceit and corruption that is taking place on a global scale, and all to the detriment of the people living in desolation and poverty throughout Africa.

When he discovers who is really supporting one of the most notorious Warlords in Africa, he brings the fight back to where it belongs.

Is he right to do that, or is it not our concern?

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