As a parent myself, there is nothing that makes me angrier in this world than people who willingly cause harm or distress to children. As adults, we have a duty and an obligation to protect all children, not only our own. The sex trafficking industry is one of the most evil things to always exist, and yet we all generally turn away from it and don’t really want to know too much about it. Maybe we do that because we don’t want to believe that it happens on our own doorsteps?

But it most definitely does.

Traffic delves deep into this world and exposes the real horrors. The horrors that most people don’t really want to acknowledge and dismiss out of their mind. The occasional story in the news inspires both anger and sadness within us, but that is normally as far as we let it go before dismissing it from our minds. Not because we don’t care, but because we feel that we can’t do anything about it. We just generally hug our own children that little bit tighter in response to hearing about these poor victims.

But what about the people who lose children to this world. They can’t hold them tighter, or make them a little safer.

This whole industry is about supply and demand. If depraved adults didn’t want it, then the trade would not exist. It’s a two way thing.

And that’s how Ryan Ward sees it. Trafficker or customer. Everyone is equally as guilty.

Writing Traffic, bringing to life the people who live in this vile world and dealing with them in the most appropriate manner was, I hope in a small way, a statement that all parents and decent adults would like to make given the chance.

Make your own judgement when you read the story, and I hope that maybe just a small part of you feels yourself wanting to step into Ward’s shoes and become him for a few brief moments, just so you can stand up for those innocent victims that we all pretend don’t exist

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