Nothing is more important than protecting the people that are close to us.

Most of us understand that dialogue and effective communication are the best tools to resolve the majority of issues that we are faced with on a day to day basis with people.

But there are some people that you can’t reason with. There is more and more dissatisfaction with our world leaders, due to the liberal values and excessive political correctness that they have decided is the most effective way to make the world a safer place, and yet they have failed miserably. More and more regions are at war, there is religious unrest which is starting to affect more and more innocent people, and there is a growing perception that our tolerance is actually a sign of our weakness not strength. It’s easy to preach these values when you are not directly affected by incidents, but more and more people are starting to think it doesn’t work.

Ryan Ward understands that there is only one way to deal with those people you can’t reason with.

When Centrepoint is almost killed by a former operative, Ward takes the fight to those responsible, with a determination that he has never showed before.

With no intention to reason with them, simply to eliminate them.

Then a single revelation changes everything.

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