We’ve all done it.

Walked past the dirty, unwashed homeless guy, sitting in the shop doorway begging for money and thought, as much as we do feel a sense of pity for them, it’s their own doing, they made their own choices to get addicted to drugs, I’m not going to be responsible for funding their habit further. We somehow console ourselves by thinking that way, we are doing the right thing.

Yet we then watch tv where they glamorise the drug cartels, and a secret part of us envies their wealth, fancy cars, beautiful people and extravagant lifestyles. And we don’t feel the same disdain for them that we feel for the guy sitting with his hand out.

It’s a crazy world that we live in where we can demonise the victims and yet envy the architects of such destruction.

And the homeless guy more than likely is a victim.

Because around 70% of the people who get addicted to drugs and end up on the street have suffered a traumatic event. Sexual or physical abuse, PTSD, relationship/family breakdown, mental illness or they have been socially excluded.

No one is born to live on the street. Something put them there.

Invincible shows the pure evil of these cartels, and the lack of mercy that they are capable of to make more money. It also highlights the sheer scale of the corruption involved within the authorities that are meant to stop these narcotics from ever hitting the streets.

Ryan Ward sees no glamour in the Cartels. He witnesses the pain that they
cause to normal, everyday people who have no involvement in narcotics, and he wants to end their control comprehensively. Take a journey into the real world of the cartels and challenge your own perceptions and see it for what it really is.

After all, just like no one was born to live on the street, no one was born Invincible either.

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