Introducing Ryan Ward

The political landscape of the world has changed. I mean come on, honestly, did you call the correct result of the US Presidential election, and the UK leaving the EU six months before they actually happened?

Actually, I did. I could see them both coming a mile off. Not because I follow politics to the extent I have some greater understanding of how a campaign will go, but simply because there is a shift in power. In the social media age, the power is starting to come back to the people. They talk to each other. They are no longer reliant on the biased media or news channels to tell them what to think and decide. Through Facebook and Twitter in particular, people are forming their own opinions. Yet incredibly, the political parties and media keep referring to anything that opposes their standpoint as ‘Fake News’. Oh the irony!

Whatever your political leanings, and I’ve personally never felt an affiliation to one political party, what is evident to me is that those who govern seem to say whatever they think people want to hear, at any given time, and with such over exaggerated sincerity that I find myself shaking my head in disbelief.
Soundbites, spin and contempt seems to be the order of the politicians in the new world.

And what do they actually change?

The world is consumed by conflict and disagreement, the hidden establishment gain more power, wealth and strength, and all of this to the detriment of the working men and women who strive to make the best out of the hand that they have been dealt.Yet the politicians still continue to shy away from the things that the majority of us want dealt with.

I often thought that with all the things that are so blatantly wrong in the world, wouldn’t it be refreshing if someone dealt with them in a manner that was fitting. After all, it seems that the establishment, the politicians from across the political spectrum, the criminally inclined and the strong, have no moral compass when it comes to trampling over everyone that gets in the way of their goals.

So I created Ryan Ward.

A character that would not buy into the liberal way of dialogue and understanding, just a man who sees right and wrong, and fights fire with fire. Yet it was important to me that he possessed an admirable moral compass. Because the ability to weigh up the impact of their actions on others, and generally make the right choice, is what 99% of the world do possess.

What I try and do with every action that Ward carries out is leave you, the reader, thinking, ‘Would I have done the same?’

Try it, follow all of Ryan Ward’s adventures, and I’m confident that you will be surprised at just how many times you would make exactly the same choices that he does.

Would that make you a bad person?

I think that good or bad is simply determined by what side of the fence you are standing.

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