Every time there is a mass shooting in The States, the usual arguments about gun control are raised. Yet these arguments fade and die after a few weeks. Presidents preside over a Senate that is loath to change anything.

Have you ever wondered why?

Is it simply because the second amendment of the United States Constitution is that the right of Americans to bear arms is something that shouldn’t be challenged? Yet the twenty first amendment which ended prohibition was repealed.

So is there something more sinister at play?

A sixteen year old kid walks into his school and commits an atrocity. The victims, mainly classmates, dead simply because they went to school to learn. The same statements are once again rolled out by his peers or people who knew the perpetrator, ‘He was always odd,’ or ‘We always thought he would do something like this,’ and so on. But no one has ever really understood why these events happened.

Until now.

Ryan Ward embarks on a mission to discover the truth and when he finds it, he unearths a secret that has remained hidden for over a century, and the full effect this secret has had on America’s history is revealed, and the corruption that is in place to keep the secret hidden.

For the first time ever, Gun offers the real reason why mass shootings happen across America, and why the powers that be don’t want them to stop.

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