Almost a year..

Almost a year ago Ryan Ward first came into print for the world to see. It’s been a strange year. The Newsmaker was very well received, and a core group of readers ensured that his actions were communicated to others and they were encouraged to read it for themselves. With the subsequent release of Traffic and Invincible came a continued level of support that has been humbling and inspiring. This motivated me even more to continue telling Ward’s story as quickly as I could, releasing the books just a few months apart.

At this point, I have to reiterate that the books are a work of fiction and that any likeness to any living individual is both coincidental and unintended. I have to do this for legal reasons.

People want to know the truth about what is happening in the corridors of wealth and power, but equally, there are a large number of individuals who don’t want the truth revealed. Right now, Ward’s story has brought to life corruption in the media, depravity in the halls of political power and assistance from authority in the manufacturing of highly dangerous street narcotics.

All of this has been done with an almost arrogant disregard for the impact that their actions have had on normal, decent people.

It would not be my place to suggest, as others have to me, that The Newsmaker could be likened to the media’s manipulation of the Brexit reporting, or the hunting down of the Trump administration, because they are losing their ability to control the masses at an alarming rate, or that the volume of trafficked children, particularly into The States, which has been highlighted recently so much, is in fact, influenced and supported by those in power for financial gain and finally that Invincible could be manifesting itself at an alarming rate in the form of a narcotic called ‘Spice’.

If I was suggesting that, then that would imply that Ward’s adventures are in fact all true.

So, at this point, I have to once again reiterate that the books are a work of fiction and that any likeness to any living individual is both coincidental and unintended.

Gun is the next release coming.

I believe that this story will really get people thinking…..



Introducing Ryan Ward

The political landscape of the world has changed. I mean come on, honestly, did you call the correct result of the US Presidential election, and the UK leaving the EU six months before they actually happened?

Actually, I did. I could see them both coming a mile off. Not because I follow politics to the extent I have some greater understanding of how a campaign will go, but simply because there is a shift in power. In the social media age, the power is starting to come back to the people. They talk to each other. They are no longer reliant on the biased media or news channels to tell them what to think and decide. Through Facebook and Twitter in particular, people are forming their own opinions. Yet incredibly, the political parties and media keep referring to anything that opposes their standpoint as ‘Fake News’. Oh the irony!

Whatever your political leanings, and I’ve personally never felt an affiliation to one political party, what is evident to me is that those who govern seem to say whatever they think people want to hear, at any given time, and with such over exaggerated sincerity that I find myself shaking my head in disbelief.
Soundbites, spin and contempt seems to be the order of the politicians in the new world.

And what do they actually change?

The world is consumed by conflict and disagreement, the hidden establishment gain more power, wealth and strength, and all of this to the detriment of the working men and women who strive to make the best out of the hand that they have been dealt.Yet the politicians still continue to shy away from the things that the majority of us want dealt with.

I often thought that with all the things that are so blatantly wrong in the world, wouldn’t it be refreshing if someone dealt with them in a manner that was fitting. After all, it seems that the establishment, the politicians from across the political spectrum, the criminally inclined and the strong, have no moral compass when it comes to trampling over everyone that gets in the way of their goals.

So I created Ryan Ward.

A character that would not buy into the liberal way of dialogue and understanding, just a man who sees right and wrong, and fights fire with fire. Yet it was important to me that he possessed an admirable moral compass. Because the ability to weigh up the impact of their actions on others, and generally make the right choice, is what 99% of the world do possess.

What I try and do with every action that Ward carries out is leave you, the reader, thinking, ‘Would I have done the same?’

Try it, follow all of Ryan Ward’s adventures, and I’m confident that you will be surprised at just how many times you would make exactly the same choices that he does.

Would that make you a bad person?

I think that good or bad is simply determined by what side of the fence you are standing.

The Newsmaker


Who actually are the newsmakers? The people who dictate the news we see aren’t those who create it, it is those who publish and relay the topics. The politicians are getting wise to the power of social media and exploiting it to its full extent. And why not?

The big news corporations are screaming, ‘Fake news,’ when it conflicts with their own agenda’s and claiming that politicians and supporters are spreading stories without facts, and this takes away from their journalistic ability to convey the truth to the masses.

I am sure that I am not the only person who sees the irony in their complaints. The big corporations have been doing it for years. Taking one sentence from a thousand, and distorting the truth by putting it out of context, with screaming headlines designed to make the reader or listener be guided towards thinking a certain way.

One of my favourite songs has a line in it which says, ‘You only see what people want you to see.’ Never a truer word was spoken.

The 24 hour cable news channels that are at our disposal seem to be the biggest culprits. Networks owned by billionaires who have a vested interest in making the masses think a certain way.

What is becoming more and more obvious to people is how the media are systematically trying to destroy political individuals who seem to oppose their own agenda’s, or undermine a collective decision made by a majority in a referendum, and that is why their views are no longer held in high regard and people are taking to social media to discuss and make their own minds up.

The Newsmaker delves into this world and offers one alternative to how you only see what people want you to see.

Would you deal with it as Ryan Ward does, or would you simply accept what you see and take it at face value?



As a parent myself, there is nothing that makes me angrier in this world than people who willingly cause harm or distress to children. As adults, we have a duty and an obligation to protect all children, not only our own. The sex trafficking industry is one of the most evil things to always exist, and yet we all generally turn away from it and don’t really want to know too much about it. Maybe we do that because we don’t want to believe that it happens on our own doorsteps?

But it most definitely does.

Traffic delves deep into this world and exposes the real horrors. The horrors that most people don’t really want to acknowledge and dismiss out of their mind. The occasional story in the news inspires both anger and sadness within us, but that is normally as far as we let it go before dismissing it from our minds. Not because we don’t care, but because we feel that we can’t do anything about it. We just generally hug our own children that little bit tighter in response to hearing about these poor victims.

But what about the people who lose children to this world. They can’t hold them tighter, or make them a little safer.

This whole industry is about supply and demand. If depraved adults didn’t want it, then the trade would not exist. It’s a two way thing.

And that’s how Ryan Ward sees it. Trafficker or customer. Everyone is equally as guilty.

Writing Traffic, bringing to life the people who live in this vile world and dealing with them in the most appropriate manner was, I hope in a small way, a statement that all parents and decent adults would like to make given the chance.

Make your own judgement when you read the story, and I hope that maybe just a small part of you feels yourself wanting to step into Ward’s shoes and become him for a few brief moments, just so you can stand up for those innocent victims that we all pretend don’t exist



We’ve all done it.

Walked past the dirty, unwashed homeless guy, sitting in the shop doorway begging for money and thought, as much as we do feel a sense of pity for them, it’s their own doing, they made their own choices to get addicted to drugs, I’m not going to be responsible for funding their habit further. We somehow console ourselves by thinking that way, we are doing the right thing.

Yet we then watch tv where they glamorise the drug cartels, and a secret part of us envies their wealth, fancy cars, beautiful people and extravagant lifestyles. And we don’t feel the same disdain for them that we feel for the guy sitting with his hand out.

It’s a crazy world that we live in where we can demonise the victims and yet envy the architects of such destruction.

And the homeless guy more than likely is a victim.

Because around 70% of the people who get addicted to drugs and end up on the street have suffered a traumatic event. Sexual or physical abuse, PTSD, relationship/family breakdown, mental illness or they have been socially excluded.

No one is born to live on the street. Something put them there.

Invincible shows the pure evil of these cartels, and the lack of mercy that they are capable of to make more money. It also highlights the sheer scale of the corruption involved within the authorities that are meant to stop these narcotics from ever hitting the streets.

Ryan Ward sees no glamour in the Cartels. He witnesses the pain that they
cause to normal, everyday people who have no involvement in narcotics, and he wants to end their control comprehensively. Take a journey into the real world of the cartels and challenge your own perceptions and see it for what it really is.

After all, just like no one was born to live on the street, no one was born Invincible either.

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